SQL Compare 11

SQL Compare 11.3 release notes

11.3.9 - November 10th, 2015


New Features

SC-2413: New 'Ignore nullability of columns' project option

SQL Compare now gives you the option to ignore column nullability. This means that when you change a column from NULL to NOT NULL (or vice versa), it won't appear as a difference during comparison, or be deployed as a change.

If you need SQL Compare to ignore column nullability, you should turn on the 'Nullability of columns' project option (Edit Project... -> Options -> Ignore -> Nullability of columns). To use the option in the command line, add IgnoreNullability or its alias in to your list of options.


  • SC-8065: SQL Compare now ignores any partition functions and partition schemes that have been system-generated by fulltext indexing.
  • SDC-1952SQL Compare no longer freezes when you switch to a password field with the touch keyboard enabled in Windows 10.

11.3.8 - October 30th, 2015


New Features

  • SQL Compare now supports comparison and deployment of stretched tables using the new stretch database feature of SQL Server 2016 CTP2.3
  • Support for Block predicates within security policies in Azure SQL Database

11.3.7 - October 26th, 2015



  • SC-8082: SQL Compare will now ignore differences in the names of constraints where one of the source or target constraints is system-named and the IgnoreSystemNamedConstraintNames option is used.

11.3.6 - October 19th, 2015


New Features

SQL Compare now supports comparison and deployment of masked columns using the new dynamic data masking feature of Azure V12 and SQL Server 2016 CTP2.3.


  • SC-8033: SQL Compare will use the target database name, rather than using the source database details, to create a new database when comparing to a database that does not exist. 
  • SC-8059: User defined DEFAULT constraint names are no longer omitted from the deployment script when the IgnoreConstraintNames option is used.

Known Issues

  • Dynamic data masking functions configured through the Azure portal will not be detected by SQL Compare. Functions configured through T-SQL on Azure are fully supported.

11.3.5 - October 12th, 2015



  • SC-7822: Comparing a scripts folder containing a stored procedure with ALTER SERVICE ROLE in its body no longer causes an error.
  • SC-8062: Square brackets are now correctly ignored in table-valued function definitions containing multiple WITH option clauses when the "Ignore square brackets in object names" option is turned on.
  • SQL Compare no longer hangs when comparing scripts folders on single-core machines.

11.3.4 - October 5th, 2015


New Features

SQL Compare now supports comparison and deployment of two new features of SQL Server 2016 CTP2:

  • Row level security: security policy objects are now supported
  • Columnstore indexes on in-memory tables


  • SC-7234: SQL Compare no longer occasionally crashes with a message similar to "Invalid type value supplied. Type: Table\r\nParameter name: type" when comparing databases
  • SC-8056: Differences in Users' database level permissions are now correctly ignored when the Ignore users' permissions and role memberships option is enabled


11.3.3 - September 28th, 2015


New Features

SC-8037: New 'Use compatibility level' project option

SQL Compare now allows you to select if you would like to use the server's version or the database's compatibility level to detect supported features. The default is to ignore the database compatibility level setting, and solely rely on the server version, which is a change in behaviour from previous versions of SQL Compare.

If you need SQL Compare to treat databases as if they really are the SQL Server version indicated by their compatibility level setting (for example, if you are using compatibility level to simulate a legacy production environment in development), you should turn on the 'Use compatibility level' project option (Edit Project... -> Options -> Behaviour -> Use database compatibility level).


  • SC-6900: SQL Compare now correctly reads the POISON_MESSAGE_HANDLING status from queues in SQL Server 2008 R2 databases.
  • SC-8048: When the 'Ignore system named constraint and index names' option is enabled, constraints and indexes that differ only in their system-namedness are no longer considered different. This also means that when named constraints or indexes are modified and become system-named, SQL Compare no longer drops them without recreating them.

11.3.2 - September 21st, 2015



  • SC-6455/SC-7904: Trigger definitions with leading semicolon ';' characters no longer cause an error
  • SC-8029: SQL Compare will no longer incorrectly try to deploy unsupported INCLUDE columns on indexes to SQL Server 2000 databases (including databases on higher SQL Server versions with COMPATIBILITY LEVEL set to 80). Instead, it will issue a warning that INCLUDE columns are not supported.
  • SC-8038: Trigger definitions will no longer be lost when deploying a table rebuild to a scripts folder

11.3.1 - September 14th, 2015



  • SC-4529: Databases with more than 32678 users no longer cause SQL Compare to fail with an 'Arithmetic overflow error for data type smallint...' during registration

  • SC-7201: SQL Compare now correctly reads VIEW CHANGE TRACKING permissions from the database
  • SC-7815: Using the SPARSE keyword in table definitions in stored procedures no longer causes parser errors
  • SC-7919: SQL Compare can now successfully drop filestream columns, because it no longer tries to drop UNIQUE constraints on the ROWGUIDCOL before dropping the column
  • SC-7977: Identical XML schema collections with duplicate <enumeration> values are no longer incorrectly reported as different
  • SC-7982: Partition values of partition functions using datetime2 and real data types are now correctly deployed
  • SC-8004: The 'Add database USE statement' option is no longer ignored when comparing two revisions of a source-controlled database
  • SC-8005: SQL Compare no longer requires VIEW SERVER STATE permissions to register databases on SQL Server 2008 and later
  • SC-8006: Extended properties defined in a scripts folder in a file called 'ExtendedProperties.sql' are no longer ignored
  • SC-8008: Mapping two schema names that only differ by whitespace no longer causes Compare to fail to map tables
  • SC-8023: All connection strings used by SQL Compare to connect to SQL Server now include the application name "Red Gate Software - SQL Tools"
  • SC-8030: Indexes with INCLUDED columns no longer show spurious differences when the source or target databases are in SQL 2000 compatibility level
  • SC-8036: Primary keys defined with unspecified clustering are now correctly registered as NONCLUSTERED when another clustered index exists
  • Warnings are no longer incorrectly shown when deploying columns with the SPARSE and COLUMN_SET options to an Azure database

11.3.0 - August 24th, 2015

Note: Version 11.3 rolls up all of the changes from frequent update versions 11.2.1 to 11.3.0 - if you want to receive these kinds of updates more quickly in future, you should turn on Frequent Updates.

New Features

64-bit support

SQL Compare will now run as a 64-bit process on a 64-bit OS. This applies to both the main application GUI  and the SQLCompare.exe command-line.

SQL Compare will be installed to C:\Program Files (x86) unless you customize the install location, but it will still run as a 64-bit process where possible.

Azure v12 support

Support for comparing and deploying Azure v12 databases. The following features are now supported for Azure v12:

  • CLR features: CLR Assemblies, along with CLR user-defined types, triggers, functions, and stored procedures
  • Cryptography objects (Certificates, Asymmetric Keys, and Symmetric Keys)
  • Defaults
  • Extended properties
  • Full text stop lists
  • Partition functions and schemes
  • Sequences
  • User defined types (CREATE TYPE)
  • XML columns and types
  • XML Schema Collections
  • XML indexes
  • Newly supported index options
  • Newly supported trigger options
  • Columnstore indexes
  • Deploying stored procedures and user defined functions WITH ENCRYPTION
  • Stored procedures FOR REPLICATION
  • INTO and OVER clauses in SELECT statements

SQL Server 2016 connectivity

SQL Compare can now connect to SQL Server 2016 CTP2 instances.

This does not include support for any new features of SQL Server 2016. New feature support will be released in SQL Compare 12.


From previous 11.2.x frequent updates

  • More reliable detection of SQL Server compatibility level
  • SELECT statements containing a 'WITH (SNAPSHOT)' query hint no longer cause a parsing error

  • SQL Compare no longer produces incorrect warnings about NOT FOR REPLICATION being unsupported in SQL Server 2005 and later
  • SC-4544: The /help documentation for the /project command line option now correctly states that you cannot use it in conjunction with the /include or /exclude switches.

  • SC-4997: Azure V11 and V12 have been added to the list of SQL Server versions in the 'comparison settings for scripts folder'. This means that SQL Compare can now handle Azure scripts folders correctly
  • SC-5151: XML schema collections that have additional child nodes in the target database are now correctly detected as different
  • SC-5533: Permission changes for system users (e.g. 'guest') are now correctly ignored when the "ignore users’ permissions and role memberships” option is selected
  • SC-6447: The command line now correctly honours filters when using the /project argument to specify a project file. This applies to filters stored within the project file and also to filters loaded via the /filter argument
  • SC-7160TRY_CASTCAST, or TRY_CONVERT function calls in computed column expressions are no longer incorrectly changed to CONVERT calls

  • SC-7222: Roles are now dropped before users, so that SQL Compare can successfully drop a user that owns a role
  • SC-7653: SQL Compare now correctly reads non-ASCII characters from script folders with Windows Code Page 1252 or UTF-8 (without preamble) character encodings

  • SC-7793: Selective XML indexes are now registered from Azure V12 databases

  • SC-7853: SQL Compare no longer unnecessarily tries to decrypt database objects that are not actually encrypted. This should significantly improve the speed of comparisons with databases that only have a few encrypted objects
  • SC-7873When the "ignore SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER and SET ANSI_NULLS statements" option is enabled, SQL Compare will now correctly ignore those statements within stored procedures 
  • SC-7896: When a service's queue changes, the deployment script no longer contains a duplicate ALTER SERVICE statement
  • SC-7897: Square brackets in user names are now correctly escaped in a DROP USER statement
  • SC-7898: Square brackets in constraint names are now correctly escaped in an ALTER TABLE [tbl] NOCHECK CONSTRAINT statement
  • SC-7900: Square brackets in user names are now correctly escaped in an ALTER AUTHORIZATION ON ASSEMBLY statement
  • SC-7901: Square brackets in catalog names are now correctly escaped in a CREATE FULLTEXT CATALOG statement
  • SC-7903: Square brackets in user names are now correctly escaped in the AUTHORIZATION part of a CREATE FULLTEXT CATALOG statement
  • SC-7907: Square brackets in user defined type names are now correctly escaped in CREATE TABLE column definitions
  • SC-7910: SQL Compare now correctly recognises and deploys full text catalogs and indexes in Azure SQL Database V12 instances

  • SC-7923: User-defined functions that override system functions can now be registered from scripts folders

  • SC-7929: SQL Compare no longer generates invalid syntax for spatial index BOUNDING_BOX definitions when Windows regional settings are set to a locale that uses commas as decimal separators (e.g. German language settings)
  • SC-7934: SQL Compare now correctly identifies changes in foreign key column ordering as differences
  • SC-7936: User names containing apostrophe characters (') are now correctly escaped in calls to sp_droprolemember
  • SC-7961: SQL Compare no longer incorrectly adds a schema prefix to the index name in index definitions within stored procedures when mapping across schemas
  • SC-7962: SQL Compare no longer incorrectly adds a schema prefix to DELETED/INSERTED output clauses within stored procedures when mapping across schemas
  • SC-7991: Databases with spaces in their name can now be registered from SQL Server 2000

  • SC-7993: Full text search is now correctly identified as being enabled on a Azure V12 databases
  • SC-7996: Improved performance of registering foreign keys from live databases

  • SC-7997: Non-breaking spaces in stored procedure definitions are now parsed correctly as whitespace
  • SC-8001: Databases with ‘{’ and ‘}’ characters in their name can now be registered

Known issues

  • SQL Compare cannot decrypt encrypted stored procedures and functions from Azure SQL Databases. 


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