SQL Compare 11

SQL Compare 11.5 release notes - May 3rd, 2016



  • SQL Compare XML Report no longer includes an attribute of 'areidentical'.
  • SC-8524: support hardware crypto devices (e.g. nCipher) for asymmetric key encryption
  • SC-8482: SQL Compare now correctly adds columns to pre-existing Full Text Indexes when transactions are disabled - April 25th, 2016


  • SC-8140: SQL Compare now adds extended properties to sequences in script folders correctly
  • SQL Compare XML Report includes a new attribute, 'areidentical', to indicate whether the two databases are identical. - April 18th, 2016


New Features

  • SQL Compare now accepts the ALTER DATABASE CURRENT syntax


  • SC-8302: objects with "\u" in their name no longer produce an invalid interactive HTML report - April 12th, 2016



  • SC-8481: Migrations beta now works with TFS server workspaces and other sources containing readonly files.
  • SC-8098: SQL Compare now registers STATISTICS_INCREMENTAL=ON from script folders - March 31st, 2016



  • SQL Compare now connects to SQL Server 2016 RC1.

  • New product switcher - accessible from the product logo top-left - March 21st, 2016



  • SC-7985: SQL Compare no longer errors on registration when attempting to decrypt objects on low compatibility level databases

  • SQL Compare no longer adds some blank lines or redundant GOs when deploying to a scripts folder

  • SQL Compare no longer double-escapes 'UNKNOWN' when being unable to read an object name from a CLR assembly. - March 15th, 2016

New Features

  • SQL Compare now connects to SQL Server 2016 RC0.


  • Trial licences will no longer expire instantly if upgrading from a previous version.
  • SC-8341: SQL Compare no longer drops differing indexes while 'Ignore Indexes' is selected, unless the index needs to be dropped to implement a requested table change.
  • SC-8324: SQL Compare now successfully compares permissions on Sequence objects.
  • SC-8138: Asymmetric keys with NA algorithm (e.g. from hardware EKM) no longer cause comparison to fail.
  • SQL Compare no longer adds some blank lines or redundant GOs when deploying to a scripts folder - March 8th, 2016



  • SC-8349: SQL Compare can now compare DEFAULT namespaces in selective XML indexes.

  • SC-8337: SQL Compare no longer rebuilds views due to full text index changes.

  • SDC-1816: no longer crashes on startup if your MSI installed locations are corrupted or missing.

  • SC-8327: SQL Compare no longer treats DUMP as a reserved keyword. - February 29th, 2016


  • SC-8218: SQL Compare now correctly scripts out computed columns that use the PARSE and TRY_PARSE functions.

  • SC-8313: SQL Compare no longer fails to register Azure v12 databases that have been upgraded around 25th February 2016.

11.5.0 - February 15th, 2016

Note: Version 11.5 rolls up all of the changes from frequent update versions 11.4.2 to 11.5.0 - if you want to receive these kinds of updates more quickly in future, you should turn on Frequent Updates.

New Features

  • SQL Compare now has a SHA-256 digital signature.

  • SQL Compare now reads tables and indexes more quickly, especially those in schemas with many partitions. Applies to SQL Server 2005 and onwards, as well as Azure V12.


In version 11.5.0

  • SC-8224SQL Compare can now compare partition functions that have NULL values cast to a data type. For example, the value CAST(NULL AS DATE).

  • SC-8229SQL Compare now restores CLR function permissions when rebuilding the function's assembly.

  • SQL Compare can now register repositories from SQL Source Control when the SQL Source Control 5 Beta is installed.

From previous 11.4.x frequent updates

  • Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances it wasn't possible to upgrade to the latest version of SQL Compare.

  • SQL Compare now recreates extended properties on foreign keys that it drops and recreates as part of a deployment.

  • SQL Compare now accepts the CREATE and ALTER syntax for availability groups when reading from a scripts folder or as part of a stored procedure or function definition.

  • When the Ignore Nullability option is turned on, target field nullability is now correctly preserved when tables are rebuilt in deployment.

  • SQL Compare no longer recreates statistics due to case changes in column names when the 'Use case-sensitive object definition' option is not set.

  • Fixed an error registering views on Azure SQL Database V11.

  • SC-7331: When deploying changes to a table referenced by a foreign key, if the table that the foreign key constraint is on is not selected for deployment, the foreign key will now be rebuilt using the target database's definition.

  • SC-7661: Foreign keys are now rebuilt when changes are deployed to the referenced column even if the `IncludeDependencies` option has not been set.

  • SC-8081: Added support for reading the ALTER ROLE ADD MEMBER syntax when reading from a scripts folder.

  • SC-8084: Fixed a scenario where Full text indexes were not being deployed when the "Don't use transactions in deployment scripts" option was selected.

  • SC-8100: The "Ignore Migration scripts for Databases" option now also works when using a source control system as a deployment source.

  • SC-8115: SQL Compare now sorts foreign keys more consistently

  • SC-8151: SQL Compare no longer enters an infinite loop when parsing a particular bit of invalid SQL syntax.

  • SC-8156: When comparing a live database of version SQL Server 2014SP1 or later to a scripts folder, incorrect differences are no longer detected between indexes on memory optimized tables.

  • SC-8158: SQL Compare no longer crashes when registering a fulltext stoplist on an invalid server version.

  • SC-8160: INCLUDED columns on an Index will now always written out in same order regardless of what order they were created.

  • SC-8114: Added Support for ONLINE and SORT_IN_TEMPDB index options when the database source is a script folder.

  • SC-8177: SQL Compare no longer fails when comparing against a scripts folder where a table referenced by a foreign key has been deleted.

  • SC-8186: SQL Compare now allows NULL/NOT NULL in variable declarations in natively-compiled stored procedures.

  • SC-8198: SQL Compare's XML reports can now be displayed in web browsers when they contain characters unsupported by XML.

  • SC-8206: When a column type is changed from datetimeoffset to datetime2, SQL Compare no longer rebuilds the table or produces an Invalid Cast warning on deployment. This is because the conversion between these types is an implicit cast in SQL Server, so neither of these actions were necessary.

  • SC-8223: SQL Compare can now compare snapshots and script folders that have tables with CREATE TRIGGER statements with preceding semicolons.

  • SDC-2007: SQL Compare no longer fills its log file with warnings when trying to connect to some versions of SQL Source Control.


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