SQL Compare 12

Integrating the command line with applications

To integrate the SQL Compare command line into an automated process within your environment, you must purchase a DLM Automation Suite license (previously called the SQL Automation Pack) for each instance of the automated process.

The files you need to bundle into your application installer are listed below. The files should be installed in the same folder as your application.

For all SQL Compare functions:

  • SQLCompare.exe
  • SQLCompare.exe.config
  • System.Threading.dll
  • LibGit2Sharp-RedGate.dll
  • NGit.dll
  • NSch.dll
  • Sharpen.dll
  • Mono.Security.dll
  • ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll
  • x86\git2-91fa31f.dll
  • x64\git2-91fa31f.dll

For interfacing with SQL Source Control:

  • RedGate.SOCCompareInterface.dll

For creating reports:

  • SQLCompareExcel.xslt
  • SQLCompareInteractiveReportTemplate.xslt
  • SQLCompareSimpleHTMLReport.xslt
  • the Reporting folder

For reading backups only:

  • System.Data.SQLite.dll
  • The x86 and x64 folders which contain architecture-specific versions of SQLite.Interop.dll

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