Schema Compare for Oracle 5

Schema Compare for Oracle 5.7 release notes

Version 5.7.31 - January 18th, 2022


  • ZD-252909 OC-1321 Materialized view logs and indexes are recreated when their underlying objects and dropped and rebuilt.
  • ZD-264248 Fixed spurious difference when comparing a scripts folder containing a table with a not null column with a user-defined type.

Version 5.7.30 - January 12th, 2022


  • ZD-263107 SQL constraints like CHECK (columname IS JSON (STRICT WITH UNIQUE KEYS)) (with inner brackets) are handled correctly

Version 5.7.29 - December 22nd, 2021


  • ZD-251643 OC-1271 Objects in the SYS schema marked as ORACLE_MAINTAINED are ignored, allowing users with lesser privileges than SYS to register the schema.

Version 5.7.28 - December 8th, 2021


  • ZD-262232 OC-1334: Object filter containing an escaped dollar ($) now correctly treats it as verbatim text to match, not an end-of-string token.

Version 5.7.27 - November 29th, 2021


  • ZD-261938: Fix parsing error for hash partitioned indexes without named tablespaces.

Version 5.7.26 - November 24th, 2021


  • ZD-261877: Fix comparison on 10g Release 1 servers.
  • ZD-262232 OC-1334: User Grants object filter is now respected when other filters are also specified.

Version 5.7.25 - November 11th, 2021


  • ZD-261158 OSC-1059: Comments on Invisible columns are now supported correctly by Oracle 19, so are read from scripts folders again if the folder is marked as a v19 one.

Version 5.7.24 - November 1st, 2021


  • Environment variable RG-COMPARE-LOGPATH is respected for setting log output path. In Dockerised version, logs now go to /logs in container.
  • ZD-259792: Improved performance of Schema Compare when handling a large number of actions during the deployment process.

Version 5.7.23 - October 26th, 2021


  • ZD-259475: Deployment script with ALTER TRIGGER ENABLE now respects "exclude schema names" option.
  • ZD-260083: Made deployment of supplemental log groups respect the "ignore log groups" option.
  • ZD-260417: Fix for error that could occur when user object privileges or public synonyms of the same name exist in different schemas.

Version 5.7.22 - October 19th, 2021


  • Improved the error message when duplicate key exception is thrown.

Version 5.7.21 - October 7th, 2021


  • ZD-259225: Fixed bug in parsing script folders that included nested tables.
  • OC-1327: Fixed support for TREAT function in scripts folders.

Version 5.7.20 - September 29th, 2021


  • ZD-256231: Fixed bug that registered system partitions on indexes when the ignore system partitions option was on.

Version 5.7.19 - September 14th, 2021


  • OC-1324: Fixed another edge case where a materialized view that depends on itself could be interpreted as a table.

Version 5.7.18 - August 1st, 2021


  • OC-1320: Fixed an edge case where a materialized view that depends on itself could be interpreted as a table.
  • Fixed an issue where identical PL/SQL objects could be detected as different when comparing a live database and a scripts folder.

Version 5.7.17 - July 21st, 2021


  • OC-1323: Procedures that call a proc with the same name in different schemas are now correctly detected as different.

Version 5.7.16 - July 1st, 2021


  • In the SCO command line, the summary of table differences is now output without the /verbose switch.

Version 5.7.15 - June 8th, 2021


  • VT-23: Truncating text in repeat_inteval property in job objects has been fixed.
  • VT-17: Fixed trigger difference detection in base object name.
  • VT-19: Fixed detecting difference in objects with unknown characters.
  • VT-24: Fixing parser problem with building dates inside functions.
  • Project files containing the old IncludeStorageTablespaceAndPartitioning option will now be correctly read as having both IncludeStorageTablespace and IncludeStoragePartitioning set.
  • OC-1319: Fixed error when Ignore system partitions option is enabled and the database has subpartitions.
  • Fixed issue where LOB partitions would be compared when IncludeStorageTablespace was enabled but IncludeStoragePartitioning was disabled.
  • Fix deploying to scripts folders on Linux.

Version 5.7.14 - March 18th, 2021


  • VT-10: Support for the UNDER keyword for views


  • VT-18: Fixed an issue where using some of the Control Characters in Table Column's Comment would cause the object to indefinitely appear as a difference.

Version 5.7.13 - January 28th, 2021


  • OC-1313: Improved populate column "PLSQL_CCFlags" for oracle 10.1g.
  • OC-1311: Improved schemas with different casing for snapshot populator.
  • OC-1312: Fix for remove SET DEFINE OFF clause from object scripter when an object is deleted.
  • OSC-1080: Preventing some characters from being removed when parsing PL/SQL code.
  • OC-1309: Enter the name of the scheme is case-sensitive by adding single quotes. Fix for UI.

Version 5.7.12 - December 17th, 2020


  • Upgrade Devart Oracle database connector library (9.13.1127).
  • OC-1303: Separation of Tablespace and Partitioning option into two independent options.
  • OC-1282: Added support for Jobs definitions. DBMS_SCHEDULER's other objects than jobs are yet to be scripted. Visit webpage for more information.


  • ODC-464: Added to the documentation on the command line of the missing exit code 64.
  • OC-1300: Added quotation marks for lowercase Default Directory name in External Tables.
  • OC-1301: Fixed using in multi schema the same schemas with different casing.
  • OC-1302: Added option to include SET DEFINE OFF before script in scripter.
  • OC-1305: Fixed error about "Unknown warning type: Rebuild dependencies to index" when creating a deployment script.
  • OC-1304: Update on the use of username and schemas containing lowercase letters.
  • OC-1308: Fix for generating rebuild index action.
  • OC-1298: Added a new warning confirming whether a reference schema is added to the mapped schemas for foreign keys constraints.
  • Fixed issue where Schema Compare could crash when installed on a clean machine.

Version 5.7.11 - November 19th, 2020


  • OC-1299: Fixed support lower-case usernames.
  • OSC-1072: Removed Features Flags for QueueTable and Queue objects (available in general release).
  • OC-1296: Improved the "wrap statements with existence checks", now works for both the scripter and the deployment script. PL/SQL block is not generated in script folder.
  • OC-1295: Improved generation of deployment script for CCFlags.
  • OC-1293: Fix for population of sequences starting with AQ$_.

Version 5.7.10 - October 22nd, 2020


  • OC-1287: Added support for PLSQL_CCFLAGS.
  • OC-1284: Added support for connect via proxy users.
  • The SCO command line for Linux is now distributed as a Docker image (redgate/schemacomparefororacle) rather than a zip file.


  • OSC-1065: Fixed parsing error about TRUNC(SYSDATE).
  • OC-1286: Fixed enabling to give the user the ability to assign rights to the objects if he is authorized to do so.
  • OC-1288: improved the "wrap statements with existence checks" option so that it can be dropped materialized view before creating the new materialized view.
  • OC-1285: fixed incorrect reference to a nonexistent object when creating an index constraint action.

Version 5.7.9 - September 23rd, 2020


  • OC-1149: Added support for TABLE OF TYPE.

  • OC-1269: Added support for TABLE OF TYPE rebuild.


  • OSC-1278: Fix for index parsing (index definition with the COLLATE keyword).

  • OC-1255: Fix for parsing "SYSDATE@!" used in DEFAULT column.
  • OC-1275: Improved autoincrement column support for a table in the scripts folder.
  • OC-1258: Added option to wrap statements with existence checks
  • OC-1280: Improved creation of unique index in deployment script.
  • OC-1279: Upgrade target framework netcoreapp to version 3.1 LTS for Linux command line tool.
  • OC-1272: Skip checking for line breaks when comparing table comments.
  • OSC-1270: Fixed scripting check constraints for inline/outline when conditions are placed on types.
  • OC-1281: Error reporting window no longer apear for cancel operations.

Version 5.7.8 - August 20th, 2020


  • OSC-1261: Fixed loading from script folder tables with check constraint conditions defined on whole types.

  • OC-1268: Adding objects of type QUEUE TABLE and QUEUE to Ignore Rules.

  • OC-1271: Fixed of non-appearing information in help texts where there was a hyperlink.

  • OC-1248: Fix for comparing indexes with the option enabled "Ignore index name".

  • OC-1078: Added support for XMLTYPE columns when specifying a LOB segment.

  • OC-1264: The PCTINCREASE table property is now scripted from 0.

  • OC-1265: Fixed invalid specific cases altering in memory /no inmemory to table.

  • OSC-1045: Materialized view log WITH PRIMARY KEY fixed scripting.

  • OC-1253: Fixed nested grants resulting in incorrect dependency order.

Version 5.7.7 - July 16th, 2020


  • OC-1262: Improved query responsible for populate materialized views while ignore rules enabled for Oracle 12c1.

  • OC-1260: Improved populate objects when ignore rules are enabled for custom users.

  • OC-1257: Improved support for nested materialized view in script folder when ignore rules are enabled.

  • OC-1221: Improved identity columns modification instead of rebuild table.

  • OC-1252: Fixed incorrect display of differences in tables with sequences when comparing folders with scripts.

  • OC-1246: Fix for generating KEEP keyword in the deployment script for the autoincremented fields.

  • OC-1240: The comparison of column with sequences when the option of exclusion of target schema name is enabled has been improved.

  • OSC-1041: Fix for Parallel keyword write/read correctly from script folder/svn/git repository.

  • OC-1263: Fixed support storage parameter in command line "deferred segment creation".

  • OSC-1034: Fix for check constraints comparison for used TYPE columns.

  • OC-1094: Fixed problem showing ORA-01749, now no longer some grants causing error do not block grants from other compared users.

Version 5.7.6 - June 26th, 2020


  • Fixed a problem that caused the update client library to not be upgraded correctly.

  • OC-1239: Fix for filter options to be applied to the reports. Fix for "/reportselectedobjects" for command line.

Version 5.7.5 - June 18th, 2020


  • OC-1234: Preview Advance Queuing (Queue and Queue Table objects) available to try (feature flag toggle required).


  • OC-1250: Ignore Rules for materialized views/views/synonyms improved.

  • OC-1241: Changes to product activation in command line - now no other actions can be performed at the same time.

  • OC-1244: Issue with using Ignore Rules with "/project" switch in the command line fixed.

  • OC-1237: Issue with missing elements for nested types in deployment script fixed.

  • OC-1245: Problem with parsing DEFAULT and CHECK CONSTRAINT with single or double precision value fixed.

Version 5.7.4 - May 14th, 2020


  • OC-1242: Query responsible for population materialized views while ignore rules are enabled improved.

  • OC-1238: Issue with generating deployment script for a table with sequence reference when enabled "Exclude schema names" option fixed.

Version 5.7.3 - May 4th, 2020


  • OC-1186: Issue with reading multiple aliases separated by comma from "TNSNames.ora" file fixed.

  • OC-1191: Support for TIMESTAMP(105) data type used in "sys.xds_ace" system view added.

  • OC-1199: When dependencies are ticked when deploying to a scripts folder, they are now deployed.

  • OC-1219: Ignore rules and materialized views behavior fixed.

  • OC-1222: "connect as" clause (Normal, SYSDBA, SYSOPER) syntax changed - now can be in the same quotation mark as the database connection in Command Line.

  • OC-1224: When dropping a column, only use SET UNUSED instead of DROP when the compression type requires it.

  • OC-1226: Information about ignored objects for the script folder added to the log.

  • OC-1231: Improved permissions - if the user has the "SELECT ANY DICTIONARY" permissions, he has access to dba views.

Version 5.7.2 - April 1st, 2020


  • OC-1163: Issue with scripting LOB deduplicate clause (when "LOBs and varrays" option is enabled) fixed.
  • OC-1225: Detection differences in columns written in quotation marks fixed.
  • OC-1227: Improved appearing schemas in deployment script despite enabling exclude target schema name option.
  • OC-1218: Issue with generating deployment script when the difference is on the IDENTITY column fixed.
  • OC-1147: Problem with detection differences in PL/SQL objects when "Ignore white-spaces" option is disabled.
  • OC-1229: Problem with parsing PL/SQL objects when "Exclude Schema Names" option is enabled fixed.

Version 5.7.1 - March 4th, 2020


  • OC-1190: Option "Exclude schema names" now also exclude schema names from objects in displayed scripts.
  • OC-1096: Command Line - "Ignore rules" are automatically used if exist in script folder.
  • OC-1206: Error "The length cannot be 0" during parsing virtual column expression fixed.
  • OC-1201: Issue with creating synonyms in script folder for multi schema with enabled option "Exclude schema names" fixed.
  • OC-1210: Issue with generating two times type definition in deployment script fixed.
  • OC-1195: Functionality for parsing views containing internal procedures and functions added.
  • OC-1095: "Ignore Rules" properly filter Public Synonyms now.
  • OC-1185: Problem with Materialized View when using Ignore Rules and with enabled options "Logging" and "Tablespaces and partitioning" fixed.
  • OC-1197: Issue with generating snapshot from script folder contained materialized view fixed.
  • OC-1154: Issue with incorrect showing differences when "Ignore comments on tables views and columns" option is enabled fixed.
  • OC-1202: Command Line switch "/scriptsfolder" bechavior fixed (clauses "NOLOGGING" and "TABLESPACE" are included in script folder now).
  • OC-1182: Issue causing parser error on Materialized View when formatted to have "AS SELECT" keywords in different lines fixed.
  • OC-1185: Comparison of Materialized View with "Ignore Rules" and "Logging" and "Tablespaces and partitioning" options enabled fixed.
  • OC-1215: Problem with connection to the database using OS / Oracle wallet authentication fixed.

Version 5.7.0 - February 4th, 2020


  • OC-1183, OC-1179: Support for parsing script file containing table with foreign keys on custom type columns added.


  • OC-1184: Issue with generating deployment script with public synonyms when "Exclude schema names" option enabled fixed.
  • OC-1194: Parsing objects expressions with fewer than 2 characters fixed.
  • OC-1198: Function recognition used in index expression as index dependency added.
  • OC-1193: Scripting tables with "inmemory" clause fixed.
  • OC-1063: Population nested tables columns with "Ignore: dependent object in other schemas" option disabled fixed.
  • OC-1069: Links in application to Help documentation fixed.


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