SQL Data Compare 15


To use SQL Data Compare you need:

Support for reading backups

The 'backup' data source type has further limitations:

  • Natively compressed / encrypted backups are not supported
  • Advanced table features, e.g. file tables, memory-optimized tables, temporal tables are not supported
  • Some SQL Server 2012+ only object types, e.g. sequences are not supported

How long are database releases supported?

The database versions supported in each licensed product depends on its Database Compatibility Tier.

At the Community Compatibility Tier a database release is guaranteed to be supported for 5 years from its GA (General Availability) release date. At the Teams compatibility level this is extended it to a full 10 years, and at the Enterprise compatibility level, additional selected database versions are supported. Each edition gives you the strong predictability you need to be able to manage your database upgrade cycles at the pace you require.

Example: Oracle 12.2 went GA in March 2017. It is guaranteed to be compatible with Flyway Community until at least March 2022. After that date support will be retired from Community Edition, but it is guaranteed to still remain available until at least March 2027 with Flyway Teams Edition.

Note that products in the Teams Compatibility Tier include support for database versions in Community tier, and products in the Enterprise Compatibility Tier include support for all database versions in Teams tier.

ProductAssigned Database Compatibility Tier
Flyway EnterpriseEnterprise*
Flyway TeamsTeams
Flyway CommunityCommunity
SQL Source Control (standalone)Teams (SQL Server databases only, excluding Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Database Managed Instance and Amazon RDS)
Source Control for Oracle (standalone)Teams (Oracle databases only)
SQL Change AutomationEnterprise (SQL Server databases only with the exception of Azure SQL Database Managed Instance)
SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare Professional EditionEnterprise (SQL Server databases only)
SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare Standard EditionEnterprise (SQL Server databases only)
Schema Compare for Oracle, Data Compare for OracleEnterprise (Oracle databases only)
Redgate CloneRedgate Clone is early in development and has different supported databases and versions

* Capabilities of Flyway Enterprise that are powered by a comparison engine, such as object-level versioning and migration script generation, are limited to SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.  MySQL support is planned for 2023.

Note: This database version compatibility table is accurate as of January 2022. Database versions will change compatibility tiers database versions reach their 5 and 10 year milestones. The release dates of each database version provided below can be used to anticipate when support in a given tier will lapse. Please contact support@red-gate.com for more information.



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