SQL Data Compare 11

Cleaning up a SQL script after SQL Compare or SQL Data Compare

If you have produced a SQL script and you want to edit it by removing lines relating to certain databases or users for example, then you can use a simple DOS command to do all the tricky work for you in one line.

Create a DOS batch file the contents being as follows:

findstr /v <string to be removed> <inputfile> > temp.txt
move /y temp.txt <inputfile>

So to remove any lines containing 'sp_addrolemember' in a file called test1.sql the batch file will contain:

findstr /v sp_addrolemember test1.sql > temp.txt
move /y temp.txt test1.sql

Therefore if test1.sql starts off containing these lines: 

EXEC sp_addrole N'roleMCEStore'
EXEC sp_addrolemember N'roleMCEStore',N'PROD\svcMCEStore'

Run the batch file and test1.sql will now contain:

EXEC sp_addrole N'roleMCEStore'

By typing findstr /? you will reveal the large number of options available for pre or post SQL processing.

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