SQL Estate Manager

SQL Estate Manager

SQL Estate Manager is SQL Server administration and management tool that developed to make the lives of SQL Server admins and consultants easier by simplifying their daily time-consuming administration tasks.

Create a complete SQL Server inventory, and keep your SQL environment secure with SQL Estate Manager.


  • Auto-discover all SQL Server instances across domains
  • Create a comprehensive inventory of all SQL Server settings, and databases
  • Generate SQL environment documentation in just a few clicks
  • Ensure your SQL servers are properly configured according to the latest best practices
  • Compare SQL servers and track changes
  • Get a detailed report of roles on all SQL Servers and databases
  • Perform security management tasks across multiple SQL Servers from a single UI
  • Manage multiple databases across different SQL Servers

Make the most of your SQL administration with SQL Estate Manager. Save time and eliminate endless manual documentation! Download free trial and give it a try

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