SQL Monitor 10

Global dashboard

The global dashboard shows a high-level summary of your monitored servers, color-coded to show the severity of the most severe current or recent alert associated with each server. It updates automatically every five seconds.
The dashboard only shows active continuous alerts, and event alerts that occurred within the last 15 minutes.
If the server is part of a cluster, or is the primary for an availability group, the card also shows alerts for the cluster and its nodes or for the availability group.

Get the video tour of the Global Dashboard at Redgate University: Global Dashboard Overview

Choosing which servers to view

Filter by severity and group:

Sorting Order

The global dashboard cards are always sorted by top-level group before applying the 'Order by' option selected.

Stacked charts and graphs

Move your mouse over over the statistics to see a stacked graph showing a breakdown of the relevant metric for the past 15 minutes:

  • Waits
    Signal vs resource

  • CPU
    Instance vs machine
  • Disk I/O
    Reads vs writes

More actions: pinning, aliasing, and navigating to overview pages

Use the  icon to see more actions:

  • Pin to top
    Pinning a server means it will appear in a "Pinned" group above any other groups.

  • Alias
    You can a choose an alias (a friendly name) for the server.
  • Navigate to...
    Drill down to an overview page for a different level - cluster, availability group, etc.

Alert history

The alert history pane on the right shows recent alerts. You can click through to the alert inbox, filtered by alert, or to the main alert inbox.

Viewing more 

To go to the alert inbox (filtered for this server), click +n.

To clear the alert, move your mouse over the alert description and click the check mark.


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