SQL Monitor 12

Amazon RDS metrics and alerts

This documentation contains a list of metrics and alerts that are available when monitoring Amazon RDS SQL Server instances and the requirements for collecting them. If you can't find a specific metric or alert you would like to use when monitoring your RDS instances, send us feedback.


Machine metrics

To get access to machine metrics in Amazon RDS you need to provide SQL Monitor with your AWS API credentials. To learn how to do that, please see Add Amazon RDS SQL Server.
The following table summarizes the machine metrics that SQL Monitor can  collect, for Amazon RDS servers, and which of those are collected only if Amazon RDS Enhanced Monitoring is enabled for your Amazon RDS instances:

Metric nameAmazon RDS Enhanced Monitoring required?
Machine: Processor time-
Machine: Memory usedYes
Network utilization-
Disk usedYes
Disk capacity Yes
Disk read and write bytes/secYes
Disk transfers/sec-

SQL Server instance metrics

  • User connections
  • SQL Server: total memory
  • SQL Server: target memory
  • SQL Server: free memory
  • SQL Server: plan cache memory
  • SQL Server: connection memory
  • SQL Server: lock memory
  • SQL Server: optimizer memory
  • SQL Server: buffer cache memory
  • SQL Server: granted workspace memory
  • SQL Server: log pool memory
  • SQL Server: reserved server memory
  • SQL Server: maximum workspace memory
  • SQL Server: stolen server memory
  • Memory grants pending
  • Batch requests/sec
  • Compilations/sec
  • Compilations/batch
  • Recompilations/sec
  • Buffer cache hit ratio
  • Buffer page life expectancy
  • Full scans/sec
  • Page splits/sec
  • Page splits/batch request
  • Latch wait time
  • Lock timeouts/sec
  • Lock waits/sec
  • Avg. lock wait time

SQL Server database metrics

  • Transactions/sec
  • Active transactions
  • Total file size
  • Total data file size
  • Total data file used
  • File size
  • File used
  • Total log file size
  • Total log space used
  • Log space used %
  • Log bytes flushed/sec
  • Log flushes/sec
  • Log flush waits/sec


Alerts are based on metrics, so if the metric, or metrics, used by an alert require AWS API credentials or RDS Enhanced Monitoring to be collected, the alert will consequently have the same requirements.
The following table describes the requirements for the supported alerts:

Alert nameLevel raisedAWS API required?Amazon RDS Enhanced Monitoring required?
Backup overdueSQL Server--
Blocking processSQL Server--
Configuration changeSQL Server--
Custom metricSQL Server--
Custom metric collection errorSQL Server--
Database file usageSQL Server--
Database unavailableSQL Server--
Differential backup overdueSQL Server--
Disk spaceMachineyes-
Fragmented indexesSQL Server--
Internal SQL Monitor errorSQL Server--
Job cancelledSQL Server--
Job duration unusualSQL Server--
Job failingSQL Server--
Log backup overdueSQL Server--
Long-running querySQL Server--
Monitoring error (SQL Server data collection)SQL Server--
Monitoring stopped (SQL Server credentials)SQL Server--
Page verificationSQL Server--

Physical memory



Processor under-utilizationMachineyes-
Processor utilizationMachineyes-
Server waitsSQL Server--
SQL Server Agent Service statusSQL Server--
SQL Server error log entrySQL Server--
SQL Server log entrySQL Server--
SQL Server instance unreachableSQL Server--
Configuration changeSQL Server--
Version store usageSQL Server--

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