Add Amazon RDS SQL Server

This is a preview feature, meaning that it is under active development in upcoming releases. It is being made visible to allow you to see what is coming and to give us feedbackUsing this preview feature will not use any of your licence allocations.

SQL Monitor 10.1.7 offers the first iteration that monitors Amazon RDS Servers. You can add an Amazon RDS SQL Server instance from the Monitored servers page within Configuration.

We recommend using the admin account.  After full implementation this will be revisited, in the meantime do let us know if you run into any issues monitoring with reduced privileges.

As we're still working on collecting metrics for Amazon RDS servers, some information on the Server Overview pages and the the global dashboard is not yet available. As we continue to develop this feature we expect more information to appear.

A current known limitation is that we won't collect any data for SQL Server Express Edition.

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