SQL Monitor 5

SQL Monitor 2.2 release notes

February 16th, 2011

New features

  • Maintenance window - you can now set maintenance windows to temporarily suspend alerting during set periods.
  • Four new alerts - you will now receive alerts when connection issues occur.
  • Machine offline and SQL Server instance offline alerts have been renamed Machine unreachable and SQL Server instance unreachable respectively.


  • SRP-2134: The Fragmented index alert is broken.
  • SRP-2927: Alert descriptions for Backup overdueLog backup overdue and Integrity check overdue alerts need changing.
  • SRP-3135/ SRP-3136: The time displayed in the Occurrences tab of the Alert details page is out by 12 hours or is in the wrong format.
  • SRP-3018: Purge behavior does not work as expected; a backlog of data due to be purged builds up, and attempts to purge the backlog affects performance. To fix this, SQL Monitor has increased its usage of tempdb, so you may see tempdb grow by up to half the size of your Data Repository database. Once the backlog of data has been purged successfully and your SQL Server service has been restarted, tempdb size will revert back to normal.
  • SRP-3140: The Disk used alert description is not entirely accurate.
  • SRP-3090: Offline alerts: include seconds on alert timings.
  • SRP-2924: Allow a threshold of more than 100% for the Job duration unusual alert configuration.
  • SRP-2202/ SRP-1769: The availability of button in the Alert Inbox should not be determined by the visible page.
  • SRP-1137: Enable sorting of the SQL Process by ID to make it easier to find a particular process.
  • SRP-3243: On the Alert details page, trace data is retrieved only when users click a specific SQL process.

Known issues

  • SRP-495: If the Base Monitor loses its connection to the SQL Monitor Data Repository then you may see the following error, “System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException was thrown by method Query on service DataPresenterService: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding”.
  • SRP-1443: An internal error occurs if the database name contains a non-latin character.
  • SRP-2167: A user will see a “script stack space quota is exhausted” JavaScript error on Firefox when there is a lot of performance data in an alert details page. Use an alternative browser to view SQL Monitor.
  • SRP-2310: “Back in time” can sometime crash with an error when using IE 7. Use an alternative browser to view SQL Monitor.
  • SRP-2702: Long running query process ID not appearing in the SQL Processes/Trace tab.

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