SQL Monitor 5

SQL Monitor 3.2 release notes

August 7th, 2012

New features

  • SQL Monitor metrics website launched: Red Gate has brought together a range of quality metrics for you to use in SQL Monitor. The SQL Monitor Metrics website lets you:
    • find the metrics you’re interested in by browsing categories, or searching for keywords or authors that include Grant Fritchey and Brad McGehee.
    • discover new and useful ways to monitor your SQL Servers and broaden your monitoring range.
    • automatically install a metric in your version of SQL Monitor with a single click.
    • rate existing metrics, or share your own metrics with other SQL Monitor users.


  • SRP-2790: Analysis page - sort the databases by name rather than ID.
  • SRP-6952: Long-running query fragment does not persist past alert end.
  • SRP-6528: Changes to custom metrics aren't immediately reflected on the custom metrics list.
  • SRP-6875: Analysis - Total size, Data size, Log size not working correctly with several of the pre-configured time range options.
  • SRP-6858: Time ranges in the Alert Inbox break when browser back/forward buttons are used.
  • SRP-6857: Custom alert threshold descriptions are contradictory for positive alert directions.
  • SRP-6969: Web page expiring when edited a custom metric via link from collection error alert.
  • SRP-6859: Group Overview alerts banner links to global Alert Inbox.
  • SRP-6591: Overviews pages show nonsensical data for Instances' memory usage, sometimes link to the wrong Analysis page.
  • SRP-6981: SQL Monitor website not working on IE10. (v3.2.1 only)
  • SRP-7766: Customer requesting ability to monitor SQL Servers that are accessed by Always On availability listener. (v3.2.1 only)

Known issues

  • IIS path change: If you are using SQL Monitor with IIS, the path containing your website files will have changed and you will need to reconfigure your website settings. The new path is displayed during the installation.
  • Side by side installs: It is not possible to run SQL Monitor 3.0 side by side with earlier versions.
  • SRP-1443: An internal error occurs if the database name contains a non-Latin character.
  • SRP-6122: Database size metric returns zero for instance during restore.
  • SRP-4106: Foreign Key conflict can cause database data collection to halt requiring a restart.
  • SRP-3222: Issue making WMI calls despite changing authentication level to Pkt_Privacy.

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