SQL Monitor 5

SQL Monitor 3.4 release notes

May 21st, 2013

New features

  • Time ranges and comparison on the Analysis graph are fully customisable, making it easier to identify unusual patterns of behavior.
  • There are now more ways to manipulate the Analysis graph (not available in IE7 and 8), including:
    • clicking and dragging to change the time frame 
    • zooming in and out with the mouse wheel
  • Log files can be retrieved from the Configuration -> About page.


  • SRP-8159: Jobs which fail after running for more than an hour are not reported. 
  • SRP-8941: Alert emails do not include the drive letter.
  • SRP-4735: Deleting a custom metric while using it on the Analysis page causes on-screen errors.
  • SRP-1363: Analysis page settings revert to default when the user navigates away.
  • SRP-2061: Custom time range on the Analysis page is shown as --- in drop-down menu.
  • SRP-8852: Problem connecting to the SQL Server error logs via file share.
  • SRP-3623: Scroll bar on the Output tab in the Alert inbox isn't displayed in IE.
  • SRP-9090: Error on Alert setting page when expanding disk space for server. (v3.4.1 only)

Known issues

  • The Analysis page may be slow if you're using Internet Explorer 7 and 8.
    For the best SQL Monitor experience, please update Internet Explorer. 

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