SQL Source Control 3

Linking fails due to SVN pre-commit hooks

If you have Subversion pre-commit hooks that require a comment, or that require a comment of a particular format, linking a database for the first time might fail.

This happens because the first time a database is linked, SQL Source Control adds a folder structure and some accompanying metadata to source control, and the default comment may not be appropriate.

If your pre-commit hooks stop you linking a database within SQL Source Control, you can create the initial link manually. To do this:

  1. Using your source control client (eg TortoiseSVN), create a new, empty folder in your repository.
    This will be the folder that contains the database. The URL for the folder location is used to link the database in SQL Source Control.
  2. Download this .zip file containing the folder structure and metadata.
  3. Unzip the .zip file and commit the contents to source control in the folder you created.
    When you commit, add an appropriate comment.
  4. Link the database to SVN.

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