Source Control for Oracle 5

Source Control for Oracle 5.0 release notes

Version 5.0.0 - October 16th, 2018


  • Redesigned project refresh mechanism: 
    • New "last refreshed" indicator appears on refresh button
    • Refresh no longer triggered automatically after commit/save/apply changes
    • Projects are refreshed only on first open
  • Preview pre-filtering feature available to try (feature flag toggle required)
  • Preview migrations feature available to try (feature flag toggle required)
  • "Frequent Updates" program was added.


  • OSC-785: Issue when saving static data fixed.
  • OSC-820: Issue with grants failing to check in.
  • OSC-814: Static data issues: data with a null value for "varchar2"  type, and data with line feed character.
  • OSC-591: Added "ENABLE" keyword to constraint for GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE.
  • OSC-591: Issue with incorrect syntax of "Bitmap index".
  • OC-949: Added support for storage options and columns in materialized view log was added (related to OC-950 and OC-963)
  • No longer crashes on close during project refresh.
  • Problem with incorrect View comparison resolved.


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