Source Control for Oracle 6

Getting changes

If your team works on a single shared schema, you don't need to get use the Get latest tab. You're always up to date with the latest schema changes.

When other people check in changes to schemas in your project, their changes are sent to source control.

On the Get latest tab, you can get the changes from source control and apply them to your copy of the schema to keep up to date with the latest schema version. Changes waiting to be retrieved from source control are shown in the center pane:

The Get latest tab shows:

  • the type of change (eg create or edit)
  • the name of the object changed
  • the type of schema object changed (eg table or procedure)
  • the schema the object was changed in
  • the SQL differences for each object

The Get latest tab is automatically refreshed when Source Control for Oracle refreshes the database. To refresh manually, click Refresh.

You can change the polling interval by editing a config file .

Getting changes

To get the latest version of a schema object:

  1. Select the objects you want to get.

  2. Click Apply selected changes to database.

Your database is updated to the latest version from source control.

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