Source Control for Oracle 5

Resolving conflicts

Conflicts happen when two people modify the same object. When a conflict occurs, the change is listed as Conflict:

Conflicted objects can't be checked in or retrieved until the conflict is resolved.

To resolve a conflict:

  1. Click on the conflicted object.
    The conflict resolution bar is shown:
  2. In the drop-down menu, select either Use database version or Use source control version.

You can also press D on the keyboard to choose the database version, or S to choose the source control version.

You can right-click conflicted objects to resolve them.

The change is listed as Resolved.


Source Control for Oracle has no merge functionality. To manually merge changes from two conflicting versions of an object, resolve the conflict, then edit the object to include the changes from the other version.

You can copy either version of an object's creation script from the object difference pane and paste it into a new query window.
For more information about merging, see Branching and merging.

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