SQL Prompt 10

SQL Prompt 10.3 Release Notes

As of SQL Prompt 10.3, SQL Server Management Studio 2012 and 2014 are no longer supported.

SQL Prompt 10.3.10 - 9th September 2020


  • Fixed an issue with renaming variables within a RECEIVE statement.
  • Insert semicolons now does not fail when a WHEN clause is in an IF or WHILE statement.
  • Fixed an issue where formatting could produce invalid SQL when using the Alias=Column column alias formatting style.

SQL Prompt 10.3.9 - 7th September 2020


  • Fixed an issue where the template parameters window appears after auto-completing a snippet containing XML.
  • Fixed an issue where the refactor insert into update operation failed when using certain SQL scripts.

SQL Prompt 10.3.8 - 28th August 2020


  • Internal improvements on SQL Prompt Tab History functionality.

SQL Prompt 10.3.7 - 12th August 2020


  • Fix for crash on startup when using extensions with conflicting versions of the Serilog logging library.

SQL Prompt 10.3.6 - 3rd August 2020


  • Fix for crash on startup when installing latest release without previous version of SQL Prompt present.

SQL Prompt 10.3.5 - 31st July 2020


  • The rowversion type is now suggested when creating columns in a table definition.
  • Stopped column names being suggested in the values list of an INSERT statement.
  • SQL Prompt no longer uses a potentially vulnerable logging library.

SQL Prompt 10.3.4 - 27th July 2020


  • Fixed an issue where default placeholder values were not saved when creating or editing a snippet when navigating with tab.
  • Fixed an issue where Format SQL would fail if OPTIMIZE_FOR_SEQUENTIAL_KEY was used in a script.

SQL Prompt 10.3.3 - 16th July 2020


  • When "Load suggestions for linked servers" is disabled, SQL Prompt will no longer try to access the sysservers view on the master database to populate the list of linked servers.

SQL Prompt 10.3.2 - 9th July 2020


  • Fix an issue formatting scripts with the TRIM function.
  • Fixed an issue where log files could consume excessive space.

SQL Prompt 10.3.1 - 2nd July 2020


  • Fix an issue loading SQL Prompt options. 

SQL Prompt 10.3.0 - 2nd July 2020



  • SQL Prompt no longer inserts values for GENERATED ALWAYS columns when autocompleting an INSERT INTO statement.
  • SQL Prompt now adds column names when using "Script as INSERT".
  • SQL Prompt now lets you use the column picker in INSERT statements.

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