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SQL Prompt 5.0 release notes

December 15th, 2010

Find Invalid Objects

SQL Prompt 5 enables you to easily find invalid objects in your database. This can be useful, for example, if you have inherited a legacy database and you want to know if objects are referencing other objects that no longer exist in the database.

Script Object as ALTER from a query window

If you are navigating a query that contains a reference to an object, SQL Prompt 5 enables you to script out that object directly from the query window by pressing F12.

View column dependencies

SQL Prompt 5 enables you to view a list of objects that reference a column.

SQL Refactor functionality

SQL Refactor has been retired with the release of SQL Prompt 5. Much of the functionality of SQL Refactor is now available in SQL Prompt Pro Edition:

  • Smart Rename
  • Qualify Object Names
  • Expand Wildcards
  • Split Table
  • Encapsulate as New Stored Procedure
  • Find Unused Variables and Parameters
  • Summarize Script

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