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SQL Prompt 6.0 release notes

September 4th, 2013

SQL Prompt Standard edition has been retired with the release of SQL Prompt 6.0. All SQL Prompt features are now available in a single edition.

If you are using SQL Prompt Standard, please email sqldev.info@red-gate.com to discuss your upgrade options.

SQL Prompt 6.0 includes the following:

Tab history

SQL Prompt now keeps a history of query tabs you open in SQL Server Management Studio:

For more information, see Tab history.

Synonym support

Synonyms (including columns from a synonym’s base object) are now suggested.

CLR support

CLR functions and CLR stored procedures are now suggested.

XML functions support

XML functions are now suggested.

SQL Azure support

SQL Azure databases are now supported.

Custom snippets folder

You can now share snippets with other SQL Prompt users by using a shared snippets folder:

For more information, see Sharing snippets.

More snippet placeholders

You can now use $PASTE$, $DBNAME$ and $SERVER$ in SQL Prompt snippets. You can also specify a custom $DATE$ and $TIME$ format, eg $TIME(HH:mm:ss)$.

For more information, see Using placeholders.

Indent using tab characters

You can now customize SQL Prompt formatting to indent text using tab characters:

JOIN clause improvements

 All relevant tables are now suggested in a join clause, and we’ve added an option to swap the order of columns in the clause:

Copy from object definition box

You can now press CTRL + C to copy the contents of the object definition box.

Bug fixes

We've fixed the following bugs that were reported by users:

SP-1057Select from table WH does not suggest WHERE 
SP-1170XML value predicate doesn't work
SP-1329, SP-1871, SP-3060, SP-3090, SP-3612Use tabs instead of spaces while laying out
SP-2129Ctrl + C does not copy in hover prompt expanded schema panel
SP-2381SM#78 FOR XML statement squigglied
SP-2571, SP-2731Ctrl + A doesn't work in the snippet editor
SP-2804Once trial has expired, it says you still have an 'unlicensed trial'
SP-2914(XML) value statement is autom. converted to uppercase
SP-2947Code of a procedure is shown twice when using the copy code for a stored procedure
SP-3136SET @xml_variable.modify(...) is not recognized
SP-3928No candidates in the list for FETCH NEXT ... INTO
SP-4236Middle-click closes the in focus tab, not the tab that the mouse cursor is over
SP-4454Find invalid objects fails with an incorrect error on this attached DB
SP-4495SQL Prompt doesn't install into Visual Studio when SSMS is also installed
SP-4546Native intellisense is not suppressed in SSMS 2012
SP-4547{SA} TypeLoadException @ UnusedVariableMarker.FromAnalysisResult(…)
SP-4576Suggestions stop in query window after XML query
SP-4577Attempting to format a query with a question mark hangs SSMS
SP-4628Prompting and tooltips offset when using a non standard dpi (Medium or High settings) in SSMS 2012 (F0069016) 
SP-4711Support try_cast 2012 function in format SQL

Support continuous connection to server in VS 2012

We've also fixed the following bugs that were send to us as error reports from SQL Prompt:


{SA} NullReferenceException @ PromptEngineEmulator.ApplyCompletionFor(...)


{SA} InvalidOperationException @ DatabaseCandidateBase.GetConnectionSource(…)


{SA} NullReferenceException @ UpdateUtils.StartupUpdate(…)


{SA} InvalidProgramException @ EditorWindowBase.OnSqlPromptEnabledChanged(…)


{SA} InvalidProgramException @ VSScriptProvider.NotifyScriptChange(…)


{SA} FileNotFoundException @ ColumnDependenciesCalculator.RegisterDabase(…)


{SA} NullReferenceException @ ObjectExplorer.UnHookEvents(…)


{SA} ArgumentOutOfRangeException @ PrefixRadixTreeDictionary`1/TrieNode/<FindPartial>d__2e.MoveNext(…) - Calculating suggestions during database load


{SA} ArgumentNullException @ ServerTools.GetServerName(…)


{SA} NullReferenceException @ ServerTools.CreateTabNameToServerNameDictionary(…)


{SA} ArgumentNullException @ AddinServices.GetServiceForSite(…)


{SA} NullReferenceException @ PromptEngineEmulator.get_FilterStartIndex(…)


{SA} TypeLoadException @ UnusedVariableMarker.FromAnalysisResult(…)


{SA} NullReferenceException @ DatabaseCandidateBase.GetAllColumns(…)


{SA} NullReferenceException @ PromptEngineEmulator.get_FilterStartIndex(…)


Exception occurs when using middle click on the mouse to close a tab that was not active when Coloured Tabs active


{SA} NullReferenceException @ Connect2010.Dispose(…)


{SA} NullReferenceException @ UnhandledExceptionHandler.UnhandledExceptionHandler(…)


{SA} ArgumentOutOfRangeException @ StrongName.StrongName(…)


{SA} InvalidProgramException @ Options.ToString(…)


{SA} InvalidProgramException @ StandardEditionCommonControl.set_Label(…)


{SA} SqlException @ SqlConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection, Action`1 wrapCloseInAction)(…)


{SA} FileNotFoundException @ TableSplitWizard.BWRegisterDabase(…)

We’ve also fixed some stability issues on Windows 8 and 8.1.

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