SQL Prompt 7

SQL Prompt 7.2 release notes

Version - June 22nd, 2016

  • Select in Object Explorer now sets keyboard focus to the Object Explorer (Forum post)
  • Select in Object Explorer now clears filters if they are hiding the object being selected (Forum post)
  • Support ticket 67549: Fix for variable being incorrectly cased as a parameter with the same name in EXEC statement
  • Support ticket 67974: Fix for geometry being incorrectly cased when using geometry's static methods
  • Support ticket 68061: Fix for Open in Excel displaying a warning with high precision scale/precision decimals
  • Updated SQL Prompt logo

Version - June 8th, 2016

  • Support ticket 67262: Fix for rename alias/variable inside OVER clauses not working
  • Support ticket 66354: Fix for actions list not being displayed when word wrap is enabled
  • Fix for table variable being surrounded by square brackets when being passed to a function (Forum post)
  • Provide feedback links now open feedback form

Version - May 19th, 2016

  • Fix for incorrect $CURSOR$ placeholder location in the 'curff' default snippet (Forum post)
  • SP-5694: Fix for null reference exception being thrown on invalid computed column syntax

Version - April 28th, 2016

  • Execution warnings are no longer shown when modifying an aliased temp table
  • Format SQL is now included in the right click context menu in SSMS2016
  • Fix for issue with high-DPI mode in SSMS2008R2 under Windows 8.1 and 10 (Forum post)
  • Fix for wildcards not expanding on certain scripts (Forum post)
  • Support ticket 65031: Fix for tab history not restoring tabs if nosplash argument is passed to SSMS on the command line

Version - April 19th, 2016

SSMS 2016 support

SQL Prompt now supports SSMS June 2016.

Execution warnings

SQL Prompt now shows a warning message when you try to execute an UPDATE or DELETE statement without a WHERE clause (UserVoice):

Warnings aren't shown when modifying temporary tables or table variables.

Suggestions improvements

  • SQL Prompt now offers suggestions when connected to Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Analytics Platform System (formerly known as Parallel Data Warehouse, or PDW) (UserVoice)
  • Improved suggestions performance
  • Additional SQL Server 2016 built-in functions are now suggested: COMPRESS, DECOMPRESS, SESSION_CONTEXT and DATEDIFF_BIG
  • Additional SQL Server 2016 DBCC statement syntax is now suggested
  • The initial connection to a server is now made asynchronously
  • NEWNAME is now suggested as an option for ALTER DATABASE MODIFY FILE (UserVoice)
  • Column names are now suggested even if the definition for their data type can't be retrieved (Forum post)

Other improvements and fixes

  • Highlight Matching Objects experimental feature is now enabled by default
  • Open in Excel from the Results grid now exports NULLs as blank cells (UserVoice)
  • Option added to exclude VALUES clause from auto-generated INSERT statements (UserVoice)
  • Script as INSERT and Open in Excel now support reordered Results Grid columns
  • Script as INSERT and Copy as IN Clause now use non-unicode strings for char and varchar data types
  • Find Invalid Objects now performs additional validity checks for table-valued functions
  • Fix for missing remote_data_archive_migration_state column when using Smart Rename or Split Table
  • Expand wildcards now inserts a space before the first column name if needed
  • Support ticket 63511: Results grid features now support exporting high precision/scale decimals
  • Support ticket 63041: Correct columns are now suggested in a MERGE statement's INSERT clause

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