SQL Prompt 7

SQL Prompt 7.4 release notes

Version - February 16th, 2017


  • Support for SQL Server Management Studio 17
  • Formatting improvements:
    • Improvements to BEGIN...END formatting
    • Improvements to nested parentheses
    • Case statements with comments now align correctly
    • Now adds a space before aliases following function calls (forum)
    • Added "Place BEGIN keyword on new line" option. You can use this to keep BEGIN on the same line as IF, for example:

      IF @BusinessEntityID > 0 BEGIN
          DELETE FROM HumanResources.Employee_Temporal
          WHERE BusinessEntityID = @BusinessEntityID;
  • Azure support:
    • Visual Studio Azure connection support
    • Azure active directory universal authentication support


  • Fix problem with Add/remove AS keyword in MERGE statements
  • Fix window functions and GROUP BY suggestions (forum)
  • SQL Prompt now always escapes an alias if it's a keyword (forum)
  • Columns are no longer qualified inside their own table definition (forum)
  • Add/remove square brackets no longer adds brackets to customizable event attributes (forum)
  • SQL Prompt no longer expands wildcards for ambiguous column lists (forum)
  • Fix performance issue with licensing (forum)
  • SP-6079: Intellisense no longer shows blank values for table aliases (forum)

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