SQL Prompt 7

SQL Prompt 7.5 release notes

Version - April 11th, 2017


  • SP-6197 Add support for SQL Server 2016's WITHOUT_ARRAY_WRAPPER


  • SP-6189 Error starting Visual Studio if .NET 4.6 or newer is not installed
  • SP-6239 UPDATETEXT column must always be qualified with table name
  • SP-5960 No longer qualify ambiguous function names

Version - March 16th, 2017


  • Support for Visual Studio 2017
  • Formatting improvements:
    • ON and WHEN keywords in MERGE statements can now be right-aligned
    • ELSE IF statements are now indented the same as IF statements (UserVoice)
    • Fix for error when formatting some server broker statements
    • Short ALTER TABLE statements now respects the 'Collapse Short DDL statements' option
    • Fix issue with parenthesised expressions sometimes removing spaces between keywords (forum)
  • SQL Prompt now suggests the MIXED_PAGE_ALLOCATION option (forum)
  • Improvements to AT TIME ZONE suggestions
  • Fix for connection issue in some versions of Visual Studio


  • SP-6083: Fix issue when getting suggestions for tables on a linked server

  • SP-6190: Fix crash on startup in Visual Studio 2017

  • SP-6170: Fix tab history compatibility issue in SSMS 2016

  • SP-6160: Fixed issue with missing suggestions in Visual Studio 2013
  • Fix issue when installing into Visual Studio 2017 without .NET 2.0 installed (forum)

Known issues

There are two known issues with our Visual Studio 2017 support:

  • SQL Prompt fails to load when Data storage and processing workload is not installed
    You can work around this issue by installing the Data storage and processing workload using the Visual Studio 2017 installer.
  • SQL Prompt Core overrides SQL Toolbelt version
    You can work around this issue by installing the Data storage and processing workload without including Redgate SQL Prompt.

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