SQL Prompt 7

Finding the SQL Prompt log files

Log files collect information about the application while you are using it. These files are useful to us if you have encountered a problem.

To view the log file for the current session in your default text editor, open the SQL Prompt menu, click Help and then click Show Log:

Log file locations

By default the log files are stored in:

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Red Gate\Logs\SQL Prompt 7 (Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and later)
  • %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 7 (Windows XP and Windows 2003)

Verbose logging

If you're troubleshooting a problem, you can turn on verbose logging to see more information in the log files.

To do this, under SQL Prompt > Help, click Enable Verbose Logging.

Verbose logging writes more information to disk and produces larger log files. If you're not troubleshooting a problem, we recommend you disable verbose logging.

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