SQL Prompt 9

SQL Prompt 9.3 release notes - October 4th 2018


  • SP-6814 : Fix for incorrectly reporting syntax errors when attempting to refactor scripts.
  • SP-6819 : Fixed an issue in ALTER TABLE DROP where no columns or constraints would be suggested after selecting the first one.
  • SP-6918 : Fixed a problem that could cause "Inline EXEC" refactoring to fail with a crash dialog. - September 26th 2018


  • You can now refactor INSERT statements into UPDATE statements, making it easier to update the data in your tables.
    • This can be triggered by either right clicking in the script window and selecting the command, or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B, Ctrl+P.
    • The refactoring automatically adds a default WHERE clause, which you can customize to suit your needs.
    • For more information, see here (UserVoice).


  • You can now go directly to the Product Learning section of the Redgate Hub from within SQL Prompt.
    • Click SQL Prompt > Help > Product Learning to find how-to guides, in-depth technical articles and videos to help you uncover 'hidden gems' and make the most out of SQL Prompt.
  • SQL Prompt documentation now contains a list of all keyboard shortcuts available within the product, to help you be more effective.
  • When problems occur during formatting, the formatting actions that were successfully executed and those that were skipped are now displayed along with the failures.


  • SP-7208 : Fixed insert semicolon refactoring when merge statement was used as table source.

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