SQL Prompt 9

Using and Configuring Code Completion Suggestions (Quick Ref)

Following are the main elements and behaviour of the code completion feature, all of which you can configure using the Prompt Options menu:

  • Suggestion box – automatically provides auto-completion suggestions for the columns and tables you wish to access, will help fill in JOIN conditions, GROUP BY clauses and more. For columns, the suggestion box also provides a column picker with a list of available columns and their data types.
    • In Suggestions > Behavior, uncheck Automatically show suggestions after… to see suggestions only on demand (using Crtrl+Space), or else adjust the frequency of suggestions.
    • Use Suggestions > Connections to control the databases and schemas for which suggestions are made
    • Use Suggestions > Join conditions to specify the criteria for suggesting JOIN
  • Object definition box will (optionally) appear automatically when you select a suggestion. It has a Summary tab listing the column names, data types and nullability, and a Script tab showing the object creation script, which you can copy.
    • Disable/enable using Show object definitions in Suggestions > Behavior
  • Object Tooltips – hover the mouse over any existing object to see its object definition box in a tooltip. For some objects these are clickable links.
    • Disable/enable using Show tooltips for in Suggestions > Behavior
  • Dependencies tooltip – For columns, clicking on the tooltip will show all the objects referencing (using) the column and being referenced by the column.
    • Disable/enable using Show tooltips for in Suggestions > Behavior

Code Completion Keyboard Shortcuts

Refresh SuggestionsCtrl+Shift+D
Toggle Suggestions On/OffCtrl+Shift+P
Show SuggestionsCtrl+Space
Switch to/from column pickerCtrl + Left arrow / Ctrl + Right arrow
Move up/down suggestions listUp arrow / Down arrow
Move up/down the suggestions box filtersCtrl + Up arrow / Ctrl + Down arrow

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