SQL Data Catalog

Creating classification rules

The Rules page can be accessed from the Classify drop down menu from the navigation bar.

To create a new rule, click on the button at the top-left of the screen. Alternatively, to edit an existing rule, simply click on it:

From this screen, you can set the following:

  • The name of the rule
  • How suggestions generated by the rule are applied
    • Manually (default) - the rule will generate suggestions that you can manually review and apply to the columns
    • Automatically - the rule will generate suggestions that will then be immediately applied
  • The filters used to match columns in your estate
    • You can have multiple filters in a rule, and SQL Data Catalog applies OR logic between them.
  • The classification tags you want to be applied to any matching columns

Once you're happy with your rule configuration, click 'Save changes' . If the rule has been marked as 'Automatically apply', the suggestions from this rule will be applied immediately to the columns.

Suggestions are regenerated:

  • after adding, editing, or deleting a rule,
  • as a result of a change being detected in the database.

Creating a rule direct from a filter

You can also create a rule directly from the Classification page. Either load up a saved filter, or create a new one using the filter bar, then click 'Create rule'. This will take you to the 'create/edit rule' page, with the filter already pre-populated.

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