SQL Packager 8

SQL Packager 8 documentation

SQL Packager 7 has been retired and replaced with SQL Packager 8, a script packaging utility. For more information, see the SQL Packager 7 retirement page.

About SQL Packager 8

SQL Packager 8 is a simple script packaging utility that works with any version of SQL Server.

You can use it to package scripts you've created in SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare and you can run the packages to create or upgrade databases.

You can download SQL Packager 8 from the SQL Packager retirement page.

What's changed in SQL Packager 8?

  • There's no graphical user interface for creating packages, so you'll need to use the command line instead. There's still a graphical user interface for running packages.
  • You can't create schema and data scripts with SQL Packager 8. Instead, you'll need to use SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare to create the scripts you want to package.
  • You can't package scripts as C# projects.

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