SQL Release

Getting started

The SQL Release cmdlets allow you to set up continuous integration and automated deployment for SQL Server databases.

Each cmdlet is described in detail in the cmdlet reference. However, if you're new to using the cmdlets, this page is the best place to start. The links below provide an overview of the most useful cmdlets, and show you how you can combine them to perform common continuous integration and deployment tasks.

We've split the information into four sections:

  • PowerShell basics
    Some general information and advice about running PowerShell cmdlets.
  • Setting up database connections
    How to establish and test a connection to a database.
  • Continuous integration
    How to set up automated tasks that need to be performed every time there's a change to your development database schema.
  • Deployment
    How to deploy the development schema to a target database, with the option of an intermediate review step.

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