ANTS Memory Profiler 8

ANTS Memory Profiler 8.2 release notes

December 19th, 2013

New features

  • See information about the assemblies that have been loaded into your application
    This helps you track down dynamically generated assembly leaks. For more information, see Finding a dynamically generated assemblies leak.
  • Restart a profiling session when no snapshots have been taken
  • Improved information on the large object heap fragmentation section of the summary page
  • Improved accuracy of unmanaged size of bitmaps


  • MP-2119 - Profiler no longer crashes when UAC elevation is cancelled
  • MP-2173 - Log4Net has been upgraded to prevent issues when the profiler is running in medium trust
  • MP-2188 - Clarification of what files can be selected for profiling Silverlight
  • Free space on the Generation 0 heap is no longer labelled as unmanaged memory


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