ANTS Performance Profiler 10

Quick Start Guide

ANTS Performance Profiler lets you profile the code of applications written in any of the .NET Framework languages, including .NET Core, Visual Basic .NET, C#, and Managed C++. It can help identify inefficient parts of your application, by recording the time spent in each line of your code as you run your application.

You can use ANTS Performance Profiler to profile .NET desktop applications, ASP.NET web applications hosted in Internet Information Services (IIS) or the ASP.NET Development Web Server, .NET Windows services, COM+ server applications. You can also profile applications that host the .NET Runtime, for example Visual Studio .NET plug-ins.

Quick start guide

  1. Set up a new profiling session, and start profiling.
  2. Optionally, select a region on the timeline to restrict the profiling results to a specific period.
  3. Review the profiling results.

Worked examples

Learn more about performance profiling by following these examples:

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