ANTS Performance Profiler 11

Log files

The information on this page relates to ANTS Performance Profiler, ANTS Memory Profiler and Exception Hunter only.

For other products, see Log file locations

Log files collect information about the application while you are using it. These files are useful to us if you have encountered a problem.

To open the folder where the log files are stored:

  • On the Help menu, click Open Log Folder:

By default the log files are stored in:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Red Gate\ProductName

If you are profiling an ASP.NET application in IIS, additional log files for the service and the trigger process are created. These are stored by default in:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Red Gate\ProductName

The local app data folder used is that of the user who launched the product.

Changing the log file location

To change where log files are saved, create a new environment variable with the name RGTEMP. The value is the path for your log files. 

The RGTEMP environment variable is also used by the profiler to save temporary results files during profiling. These temporary files could total several gigabytes, so ensure there is sufficient space at this path.

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