ANTS Performance Profiler 9

Missing hits for lines in the source code view

When viewing the source code view of the ANTS Performance Profiler results, some lines of code in an individual method only show times and hit count for the first line.

This is either because:

  • you selected a profiling mode with method-level timings only
  • you are profiling a partially-trusted or SecurityTransparent assembly, or you are profiling a black-listed assembly

You selected a profiling mode with method-level timings only

Although ANTS Performance Profiler still shows the source code in the source code view, the settings used for the profiling session can disable line-level profiling. When you use  Method-level timings; all methods or Method-level timings; only methods with source profiling modes, line-level information is not collected. Therefore only method-level times are shown in the source code view.

To see the hit count and time data for each individual line of source code, select Line-level and Method-level timings when you start profiling.

You are profiling a partially-trusted or SecurityTransparent assembly, or you are profiling a black-listed assembly

For more information, see Profiling SecurityTransparent and partially-trusted assemblies.

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