SQL Clone 5

An agent doesn't work after using the SERVERURL command line flag during installation ('unauthorized received from server')

Clone server has two endpoints running, one for web browsers and other clients to talk to (normally port 14145, and HTTP by default, but both are configurable), and a second one reserved for agents (port 14146, and always HTTPS).

You need to use the agent endpoint with SERVERURL - e.g. https://mycloneserver:14146.

  • On the affected agent machine, navigate to C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SQL Clone Agent and open settings.json.
    • (On non-Windows 10 or Server 2012 installations, this will be in CommonAppData for your OS.)
  • Update the ManagementService->Url field to port 14146, and make sure the protocol is HTTPS.
  • Using services.msc, restart the SQL Clone Agent service. It will re-read the settings file and attempt to establish a connection.

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