SQL Comparison SDK 10

Breaking changes in SQL Comparison SDK 10.5

Version 10.5 of the SQL Comparison SDK includes changes that might break your projects that use the SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, or SQL Packager APIs.

To fix your projects, you might need to do one or more of the following:

Use the new Options class

In previous versions of the SQL Comparison SDK, comparison options were specified as a bit flags enum. For example:


Options.Default | Options.DropAndCreateInsteadOfAlter

In version 10.5, options are specified using the methods in the Options class. For example:





Options.Default.Except(Options.IgnoreFileGroups, Options.IgnoreComments)

Add new references

With version 10.5, projects must reference RedGate.Shared.ComparisonInterfaces.dll.

Projects using the SQL Data Compare API must now also reference RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine.dll.

Update uses of DifferenceType

In version 10.5, the DifferenceType enum has moved from RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine to RedGate.Shared.ComparisonInterfaces.

You need to update any files that use DifferenceType:

  1. Add using RedGate.Shared.ComparisonInterfaces to the list of using statements at the top of your files.
  2. Replace all uses of RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine.DifferenceType with RedGate.Shared.ComparisonInterfaces.DifferenceType.

Distribute new assemblies

When you distribute your application, you now need to include the following assemblies:

  • RedGate.Shared.ComparisonInterfaces.dll
  • System.Threading.dll
  • RedGate.Migrations.Core.dll
  • Newtonsoft.Json.dll (distributed under the MIT license)
  • System.Data.SqlLocalDb.dll (distributed under the Apache license)

For more information, see Distributing your SDK applications.

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