DLM Automation Suite

Installing from a command prompt

To install the DLM Automation Suite silently from a command prompt: 

  1. Download the DLM Automation Suite installer from the Redgate website.
  2. Open a command prompt running as administrator (right-click and select Run as administrator).
  3. Navigate to the folder containing the DLMAutomationSuite.exe installer. For example, enter  cd C:\Users\Username\Downloads

  4. Enter DLMAutomationSuite.exe /IAgreeToTheEula
    You can also use the following optional parameters:

    • log log.txt
      Creates log files in the same folder as the DLMAutomationSuite.exe. You can specify the name of an existing text file to overwrite. For example: /log WidgetShopInstallLog.txt.
    • SENDFUR=0
      Stops sending feature usage reporting (FUR) data to Redgate. By default, this is set to SENDFUR=1 so Redgate can collect data to help understand how you're using the DLM Automation tools, and prioritize future development work. 
      Stops sending error reports to Redgate. By default, this is set to SENDERRORS=1 so Redgate can collect data to help understand problems, and prioritize bug fixes.
      Use this parameter to specify a valid license key. This will activate the suite during installation. 

    For example:

    DLMAutomationSuite.exe /IAgreeToTheEula log log.txt SENDFUR=0 RG_LICENSE=000-000-000000-0000

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