DLM Automation Suite


If you want to run a silent install, see Installing from a command prompt.

To install the DLM Automation Suite:

  1. Download the DLM Automation Suite installer from the Redgate website.
  2. Run the installer and follow the instructions.

The DLM Automation app 

From the Start menu, open the DLM Automation Suite Desktop app.

You're now ready to activate DLM Automation. If you don't activate the suite, you'll start a free 28 day trial. For more information, see Activating.

What's installed? 

The following tools are installed as part of DLM Automation:

Command line versions of the following tools are also installed:

To reference a DLM Automation tool, use the environment variable %DLMAS_HOME%

For example, to reference SQL CI, use %DLMAS_HOME%\Sqlci\sqlci.exe

Additional downloads


You can use DLM Automation add-ons to integrate SQL CI and SQL Release with build servers and release management tools.

Download add-ons from the DLM Automation Suite add-ons webpage

DLM Dashboard

You can configure SQL CI to send schema and database documentation to Redgate's DLM Monitoring tool, DLM Dashboard. For more information see SQL CI integration (DLM Dashboard documentation).

Download DLM Dashboard from the Redgate website

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