DLM Automation Suite

Setting up the TeamCity plugin

Install this plugin on the machine running your TeamCity build server. To do this:

  1. Go to the DLM Automation add-ons webpage.
  2. In the TeamCity section, click Download plugin.
  3. After the dlmautomation-teamcity.zip plugin file has downloaded, copy it to the TeamCity data directory plugin folder.
    Depending on which TeamCity version you've installed, the default location is either: 

    For more information, see: TeamCity Data Directory
  4. If you haven't done so already, on the machines running your build agents, install the latest version of DLM Automation.
  5. On the machine running your build agents, open Windows services management console (run services.msc from the Start menu).
  6. In the list of services, right-click on TeamCity Server, and select Restart.

You're now ready to use the plugin.

To find out about using the DLM Automation TeamCity plugin, see Using the DLM Automation TeamCity plugin.

To find out about using DLM Automation with TeamCity for Release Management, see this blog.

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