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Data Masker Help

Our engineers guide you through getting started with Data Masker and explain how to make the most of your data masking

In addition, we provide the following resources to help you get started with Data Masker:

Learn Data Masker at Redgate University (training videos)

Get started with Data Masker, and master the fundamentals quickly, by watching the Data Masker modules of the SQL Provision course at Redgate University

Get the most out of Data Masker (technical how-to articles)

Redgate's Product Learning articles for "Data Masker for SQL Server" demonstrate practical uses for most of its main features. 

Use the "Topics" list to navigate to the Data Masker topics of interest. For example:

You can also filter by the level (or type) of article. The 

  • Strategy articles - offer a strategic, technical view of the tool, the challenges it helps to solve and the ways in which it might improve your database development and deployment processes
  • How to articles - in-depth technical articles showing how to solve particular problems using the tool
  • What's new articles - higher level articles describing recent new features and their intent

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