Deployment Suite for Oracle 6

Release notes and other versions

The release notes in this table are for when brand new tools or capabilities are added into the Deployment Suite for Oracle.  Below this table are links to the release notes for the individual tools and capabilities where most of the updates occur. 

Version 6April 20, 2019


  • Redgate Change Automationsafely and reliably automate your database deployments using a migrations-based approach, unlocking full database DevOps practices. 
Version 6December 10, 2019


  • Generate migration scripts and safely automate releases with migration scripts.
    For more information, see Redgate Change Control 2 release notes.

  • Static code analysis to ensure best practices and naming conventions are being followed.
    For more information see Code Analysis for Oracle.

  • Run state-based deployments and automation checks (like reports and drift detection) on Linux (already existed on Windows).
    For more information see Linux-Compatible Command Line.
Version 5December  2018


Version 1


The first release of the Deployment Suite for Oracle with the following tools:

If you need to install an old version of the Deployment Suite for Oracle, go to Download old versions of products.

Release notes for the individual tools and capabilities:

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