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  • Maintainer: Redgate

Supported Versions and Support Levels


Item Details
URL format jdbc:cassandra://host:port?localdatacenter=datacenter1
SSL support Yes, add ;enablessl=true to URL
Ships with Flyway Command-line Yes
Maven Central coordinates
Supported versions 4.11.1 and later
Default Java class

Good to know

CQL file extensions

Cassandra migrations typically have a .cql migration suffix, we recommend configuring flyway to pick these up using the sqlMigrationSuffixes parameter.

You would specify this in your TOML configuration like this:

sqlMigrationSuffixes = [".cql"]

Default schema/keyspace

Flyway maps it's concept of schema onto a keyspace in Cassandra. You should specify a default schema to use as otherwise Flyway will default to system and you will have troubles working there (for example, clean won't be able to work correctly in the system keyspace). This can be configured using one of the following parameters:


  • You can't currently do a Dry-run on operations with Cassandra.

Additional information

Our JDBC implementation for Cassandra comes from this Github project: Cassandra-jdbc-wrapper

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