Clickhouse Database


  • Verified Versions: N/A
  • Maintainer: Community

Supported Versions and Support Levels


Item Details
URL format jdbc:clickhouse://host:port/database
SSL support Not tested
Ships with Flyway Command-line No
JDBC driver download for Command-line Clickhouse JDBC Drivers
Maven Central coordinates com.clickhouse:clickhouse-jdbc
Supported versions N/A
Default Java class com.clickhouse.jdbc.ClickHouseDriver

Java Usage

Clickhouse support is a separate dependency for Flyway and will need to be added to your Java project to access these features.


Open Source



Open Source

dependencies {
    compile "org.flywaydb:flyway-database-clickhouse"


By default, Clickhouse uses LZ4 compression. This requires lz4-java which needs to be added to the classpath. Alternatively, you can use a different algorithm by setting the compress_algorithm JDBC property, or disable it by setting compress to false.

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