MongoDB - Preview

  • Verified Versions: V7
  • Maintainer: Redgate
  • JDBC Driver: Jetbrains Datagrip MongoDB Driver.

Supported Versions and Support Levels


Item Details
URL format jdbc:mongodb://ip address:port number/database_name jdbc:mongodb+srv://ip address/database_name
SSL support No
Ships with Flyway Command-line Yes (Redgate Distribution only while in preview)
Maven Central coordinates n/a
Supported versions 7 and later (including Mongo Atlas)
Default Java class com.dbschema.MongoJdbcDriver

Using Flyway with MongoDB


  • Using Flyway with Maven?
    • Include the latest Flyway MongoDB dependency here in your pom
      • For example:
        • Redgate
        • Open Source
    • Include the latest MongoDB driver dependency here in your buildscript or import into your local maven repository:
      • For example:
      • or mvn install:install-file -Dfile=mongo-jdbc-standalone-1.19.jar -DgroupId=com.github.kornilova203 -DartifactId=mongo-jdbc-driver -Dversion=1.19 -Dpackaging=jar -DgeneratePom=true
  • Using Flyway with Gradle?
    • Include the latest Flyway MongoDB dependency here as a buildscript dependency
    • Include the latest MongoDB driver dependency here in your buildscript
      • For example:
        dependencies {
          implementation files('mongo-jdbc-standalone-1.19.jar')

Configuring Flyway

You must configure a JDBC URL that points to your database. You can configure a connection using this sample URL as an example:

jdbc:mongodb://ip address:port number/database_name

We need to fetch three things to complete this url:

  • ip address
  • port number (optional)
  • database_name (optional)

MongoDB Scripts

Migrations in mongo are not .sql files like the flyway norm, but instead are .js. With standard configuration, flyway will still look for .sql files as migrations, but when executing them will expect them to contain javascript.

To make this more of a native Mongo experience, we recommend changing the sqlMigrationSuffixes configuration to .js. This can be done in your TOML configuration as such:

sqlMigrationSuffixes = [".js"]

Known issues

  • Performance connecting to MongoDB can be slow. This is a known issue in the driver we are using. It should only impact initial connection so will not impact larger or many migrations. We are investigating solutions to this.
  • When you see the output of flyway, the migration will be described as type SQL. Don't worry, this is just how Flyway describes a versioned migration - your migration hasn't been changed on its way through Flyway !

MongoDB preview feedback

Thank you for testing this preview feature. If you come across any issues or want to contribute other feedback, please either raise an issue on our github issue tracker or drop us an email at

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