SQL Compare 15

Generating a report

When you have run the comparison, you can export the results as a report. You can choose to include the objects selected for deployment, all objects with differences, and, optionally, identical objects.

To generate a report, on the Tools menu, click Generate comparison results report.

The report groups objects according to whether they will be updated, created or dropped, or are identical. Selecting Type of object or No groups in the Group by box in the main window is not reflected in the report.

You can create a report in one of four formats, Interactive HTML, Classic HTML, Excel and HTML:

Interactive HTML

You can expand and collapse the objects in the Interactive HTML report. By clicking an object you can view the differences in the object creation scripts.

Classic HTML

This report displays differences side by side (as opposed to the "inline" differences employed by the interactive HTML report).


An Excel report does not show object creation scripts or differences.


The XML report is an XML file listing the objects you selected, their creation scripts, and whether they are different, identical, or present in only one of the data sources. This is useful, for example, if you want to apply your own formatting using XSLT.

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