SQL Change Automation 4

Getting started

Alongside this documentation, we also provide other learning resources, as follows:

Learn SQL Change Automation (training videos)

Get started and master the fundamentals of SQL Change Automation, with this easy to follow Redgate University course.

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Get the most out of SQL Change Automation (technical how-to articles)

Redgate's Product Learning articles for SQL Change Automation are technical articles, professionally reviewed and edited, showing how to solve common database build and deployment problems, in an automated fashion, using the tool.

Use the "Topics" list, on the right, to navigate to the SQL Change Automation tasks you need to tackle. 


You can also filter by the level (or type) of article. Filtering by "Strategy" is a useful first step, when you're getting to know a tool, as these Strategy articles provide a broad overview of the problems the tool is designed to solve, and how it goes about it, for a technical audience. 

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