SQL Change Automation 3

Failed to install SqlLocalDB.MSI

When trying to install SQL Change Automation using the toolbelt installer, the following error message appears

Error Message

Installation Failed: Failed to install SqlLocalDB.MSI


SQL Change Automation requires an internet connection to download the necessary files when installing Local DB.


There are 3 ways to fix this:

  • Connect the machine to the internet

  • Download and install Local DB 32 bit or Local DB 64 bit depending on your machine.

  • Extract and run the SQL Change Automation msi.
    1. Open a Command Prompt

    2. Run

      SQLToolbelt.exe extract .\SQLChangeAutomation /IAgreeToTheEula
    3. Navigate to the new SQLChangeAutomation folder

    4. Open the SQL Change Automation <version> folder
    5. Run SQL_Change_Automation_<version>_x86.msi

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