SQL Change Automation 3

DLM Automation licenses and SQL Change Automation

On Monday 18th June 2018, we released a major upgrade to DLM Automation. As part of that major upgrade we renamed DLM Automation to SQL Change Automation.

This page explains the implications of the launch of SQL Change Automation for existing DLM Automation users.

I purchased the SQL Toolbelt and had active support and upgrades

If your SQL Toolbelt support and upgrades package was active on the launch date of SQL Change Automation, then you are entitled to SQL Change Automation.

You can use SQL Change Automation without any further action.

We also gave a 5 day grace period for customers whose support and upgrades package had recently expired.

I purchased the SQL Toolbelt and did not have active support and upgrades

You are not entitled to SQL Change Automation, but your perpetual license is still valid for DLM Automation.

DLM Automation is part of the SQL Toolbelt. The SQL Toolbelt is sold under a perpetual license model with an optional annual support and upgrades package. Whilst minor tool upgrades are available to all customers, major tool upgrades are only available to customers with a support and upgrades package that hasn't expired.

If you would like SQL Change Automation, then contact sales to discuss your options.

Any questions?

If you have any questions then contact support.

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