SQL CI is activated when you activate DLM Automation. If you're using DLM Automation Suite 1.3.3 or later, the easiest way to do this is to activate using the DLM Automation app.This activates all the tools.

Only follow the instructions on this page if you're using DLM Automation Suite 1.3.2 or earlier or if you're automating installation.

You can activate DLM Automation using SQL CI or any of its plugins. You'll need your DLM Automation serial number, which you can find on your invoice or by going to http://red-gate.com/myserialnumbers.

If you don't activate DLM Automation, you'll continue with the 28 day free trial that started automatically when you installed.

Activate using sqlCI.exe, the TFS Build plugin or the TFS MSBuild scripts

To activate DLM Automation using sqlCI.exe:

  1. Open a command prompt, and navigate to the folder where sqlCI.exe is located. 
    If you're using DLM Automation Suite 1.3 or later, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Gate\DLM Automation Suite 1\SQLCI
    If you're using DLM Automation Suite 1.2 or earlier, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Gate\sqlCI

  2. Run the Activate /licenseSerialKey command with your DLM Automation serial number.


    sqlCI.exe Activate /licenseSerialKey=123-456-789012-ABCD

The next time the build runs, DLM Automation will be activated on that agent.

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