SQL Doc 2

Exit codes used in the command line

CodeDescriptionAdditional information
1General error code 
3Illegal argument duplicationSome arguments may not appear more than once in a command-line. If such arguments appear more than once this exit code will be returned.

Unsatisfied argument dependency or violated exclusion when user runs command line

For example, /arg2 depends on /arg1 but you have specified /arg2 without specifying /arg1. Alternatively, /arg2 cannot be used with /arg1 but you have tried to use them both.

Value out of range

Numeric value supplied for an argument that is outside the range of valid values for that argument.
33Value overflowThe magnitude of a value supplied for an argument is too large and causes an overflow.
34Invalid valueThe value supplied for an argument is invalid.

No / invalid software license or trial period has expired.


General command-line usage error

65Data error

Some input data required by the tool is invalid or corrupt.


A resource or service required to run the tool is unavailable.

70Internal software error

This code is returned when SQL Doc fails with an unknown exception. If SQL Doc returns this exit code, contact support.

If you submit a support request, it's useful for us if you attach a log file.

73Failed to create report 

IO error occurred

Generally returned if the program attempts to write to a file that already exists without the user having specified the /force option.
77Action cannot be completed because the user does not have permission 

Execution failed because of an error

130Execution stopped because Ctrl+Break 
400The command line arguments cannot be properly executed 
402There is no acceptable licenseFor information about finding your serial number and activating your license, see Licensing.
499Activation was cancelled because the Cancel button was pressed during the process 
500An unhandled exception occurred.The exception's message and stack trace will be included. If the error persists, please contact Red Gate Support.

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