SQL Doc 3

What's not in the documentation?

The documentation doesn't always include information about the following items:

Extended stored procedures

SQL Doc doesn't document extended stored procedures.

Certificates, symmetric keys, and asymmetric keys

SQL Server severely restricts access to certificates, symmetric keys, and asymmetric keys. This means SQL Doc can't document all of the properties for these objects.


SQL Doc doesn't document stored procedures that have been created for replication.

Numbered stored procedures

SQL Doc documents only one stored procedure for groups of numbered stored procedures.

SQL Script

By default, the SQL creation script for an object is included in the documentation. To exclude it, in the SQL Script section of an object, clear the Include check box:

You can also exclude SQL creation scripts for groups of objects, an entire database, or even the entire SQL Server instance.

To do this, under Sections to include, clear the SQL Script check box:

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